June 23, 2021

What’s the Benefits of Using Car Wash RFID Sticker at A Car Wash?

Car wash RFID sticker simplify the Car wash process

The big data in the car wash industry shows that the combination of a car wash loyalty program and a car wash RFID sticker will bring considerable benefits. It reduces the time cost of customers and the cost of manpower and resources for operators. Combined with RFID technology: POS system and RFID reader make the work of the car wash really easy.


In addition, membership programs can not only increase customer loyalty. But they can also ease your losses in the face of bad weather. Because if customers buy unlimited memberships from a car wash, they will not go to other places to wash the car.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to implement membership programs, such as using membership cards, scanning barcodes etc. But for customers and car wash operators, the easiest and most convenient option is to use car wash RFID sticker. Why washable RFID tags are the best choice? Let’s see below reason!


In recent years, “speed” has been the driving goal of the car wash industry. More and more car washes have set the goal to be able to complete the car wash service for the most vehicles per hour without reducing the quality of the car wash. So the question becomes: How fast can we complete a customer’s vehicle cleaning?

This requires us to constantly look for any possible way to simplify the washing process. One of which is to use RFID technology in your loyalty program. After the RFID tag is installed correctly (now usually using the RFID windshield tag). The car can directly drive to the payment terminal after finished car wash. Then the RFID reader will communicate with the tag and let the car pass, and it will send a signal to notify the car wash and members at the same time.

Therefore, RFID technology allows self-paid car washes and accurately prevents the wallet from being stolen during car wash or repair.


In the past, old forms of labels or stickers made them more vulnerable to physical theft. Sometimes, the tag is placed under the car bumper or hung on the rearview mirror. Not only can such placement lead to complete theft, but it also leads to theft in a different way: the user passes the tag so that multiple vehicles can use the same account.

Nowadays, these problems are no longer a problem. As far as the RFID windshield tag is concerned, the standard for car washing is to use a sticker attached to the windshield inside the car, which will not fall off. RFID windshield tag can be designed with anti-tear technology in RFID Inlay and RFID chip. If someone tries to tear off and transferred RFID tag for others to use, the RFID chip will be destroyed, and the tag cannot continue to be used effectively.

Protect Information

What about information security? Are you worry about whether hackers can intercept and manipulate this information in the transmission between the tag and the reader?

Don’t worry: in the unlikely event that the only information stored in the RFID tag is the customer’s account number.

No customer information should be stored or written into the RFID tag itself. The customer identification on the label can be read by the software of the point-of-sale system and decoded in a secure database. This prevents malware from accessing the customer’s identity information.

So, if you have any questions about the use of car wash RFID sticker in the loyalty program, please rest assured. With its high-precision reading rate and safety measures. RFID can guarantee to simplify your cleaning process.

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