RFID Fabric / Woven Wristbands

CXJRFIDFactory.com offers high-performance RFID Festival Fabric / Woven Wristbands which are made bases on nowadays popular RFID technology. All RFID Festival Fabric or Woven Wristbands will be composed of RFID tag part, fabric or woven strap and plastic closure. They are cornerstone of efficient and secure access control and payment events, they mainly use for music festival, amusement parks, as well as bars and clubs, everywhere. This kind of RFID Festival Fabric or Woven wristbands follows all RFID protocol and we can build for you with ISO 14443A and ISO 15693 under 13.56Mhz frequency. Brand name and customized printing will be available.

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13.56mhz custom fabric rfid wristband 15693

13.56mhz custom ticket entrance RFID wristband for events

185 x 25mm adult size shenzhen stretch adjustable elastic nfc wristband strap

2018 HF 13.56mhz fabric woven event rfid wristbands for events

2018 LF TK4100 fabric woven event rfid wristbands for events access control

2018 Newest LF TK4100 Polyester Nylon Woven RFID Elastic Wristband Bracelet

Access control system/access control nfc rfid rf wristbands

Access Control Ticket MIFARE Ultralight RFID Woven Wristband

Cheap Custom Fabric Wristbands + NFC PVC Tag – NTAG 213