Dry/Wet NFC Inlays

The Dry NFC inlays are typically supplied on a substrate or carrier. If sticker with adhesive, then called Wet NFC inlays. Comparing with NFC Dry inlay, Wet nfc inlays have one more layer. Both of them can be used to make nfc cards, nfc stickers/tags/labels, nfc keyfobs nfc wristbands, or other nfc products. And Size can be customized. For the NFC chip is HF-13.56mhz, and the protocol is 14443A, also can be other rfid chip, like low frequency, ultra high frequency, Dry/Wet nfc inlays will be reading by your phone with NFC function, but if you worked with metal material, then on the back side of Dry/Wet NFC inlays. Dry/We NFC inlays used widely, like tracking of goods, tracking of person, access control, library management, ticketing, contactless payment, anti-fake solution etc.

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18*18mm Small Square Clear NFC Inlay

3M Adhesive 467glue FUDAN FM11RM08 Wet Inlay

8.7*8.7mm Square Ntag213 NFC Tags FPC Tiny RFID Wet Inlay

Free sample sticker HF Small cheap Build-in nfc tag sticker

Rectangle 50x33mm MIFARE Ultralight C Dry Inlay

Round 22mm Ntag213/Ntag203 Wet NFC Inlays

Round 29mm Ntag216 Wet NFC Inlay High Quality

Round 38mm Mifare Classic 1k Wet Inlays