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Near Field Communications (NFC) is a wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) tech that can transmit data between two electronic devices with physical touch, or close to each other. NFC devices are used in contactless payment systems, very similar to these used in credit cards and electronic ticket smartcards and allow mobile payment to replace/supplement these systems. The NFC is used for social networking, for sharing contacts, photos, videos or files.

NFC products refer in particular to HF 13.56MHZ RFID products with ISO14443 A protocol, which can be widely used in ticketing, payments, access control, couponing, advertising etc. Great Creativity Group can provide all passive NFC products like NFC tags, stickers, labels, NFC smart cards, NFC wristbands, keyfobs/ epoxy tags, posters etc.

NFC Tags, NFC Stickers, NFC Wristbands, NFC Readers & More. Buy all contactless NFC products at CXJRFIDFactory who are experts in the NFC. Free Quotes. Ship Globally. Contact Us Today!

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13.56mhz Color Printing NFC Plastic Card

13.56mhz RFID wristband NFC/silicone nfc bracelet/RFID bracelet

18*18mm Small Square Clear NFC Inlay

2018 Printable 14443A NFC Posters

3M Adhesive 13.56MHz Ntag213 Anti-metal NFC Tags Cheap Price

3M Adhesive 467glue FUDAN FM11RM08 Wet Inlay

6mm diameter small Anti Metal 13.56mhz rfid nfc tag sticker label

8.7*8.7mm Square Ntag213 NFC Tags FPC Tiny RFID Wet Inlay

Access control waterproof bracelet custom rfid NFC silicone wristbands