ABS RFID Key Fobs / Tokens

ABS RFID key fobs are made from colorful hard plastic. It could be red, blue, yellow, green, gray and black. Other custom color is also acceptable. And different size and shape of ABS RFID key fobs could be offered for your choice. You could custom your logo or print UID or serial number on our ABS RFID key fobs. And full list of passive 13.56MHZ HF and 125KHz LF chips for your choice.

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125Khz /13.56Mhz Proximity ABS Key Tags RFID Hotel Key Fob tags

125Khz waterproof ABS EM4200 RFID door keychain key card

13.56mhz MIFARE 1K ABS material RFID keyfob tags tokens

ABS EM4305 125KHz RFID Key Fobs

EM4200 125khz ABS RFID Key Fob Multi-purpose

ISO 14443A MIFARE Classic® 1K ABS RFID Fobs

ISO14443A MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K RFID keychain rfid keyfob tag key card

MIFARE 1K 13.56MHz Blue Door Proximity Control RFID Tokens

MIFARE Ultralight® ABS Custom RFID Token

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