FPC Micro RFID Tags / Labels

FPC Micro RFID Tags has already been used widely in our life, health-care, e-payment, asset tracking, access control etc. One RFID tags / stickers are not able to fits all fields’ application. To have a successful RFID system, a label is needed that will withstand the application demands. No matter your needs are for more convenient safe payment, easy life, retail chains, or you are looking for a more accurate method of tracking your products, Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is committed to providing RFID tag / labels that meet your specific need. And our dynamic experienced team helps you to get right RFID tags and technique supporting to have the right result for your RFID application.

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8.7*8.7mm Square Ntag213 NFC Tags FPC Tiny RFID Wet Inlay

9mm Micro Tag FPC Copper RFID Sticker For Pedometer

Document Management UHF RFID LED Label Tag Long Reading Distance

FUDAN FM11RM08 14443A FPC rfid copper antenna sticker tag

Round 9mm FPC Double Copper Antenna Mini RFID Tag

Round 9mm NFC NTAG 216 RFID micro wet inlay sticker