December 18, 2017

Why we need to apply RFID stickers technology in Food industry?

Do you know how many food are waste every year?

RFID stickers technology

“Only about a third of the food is really ate by human each year in global, there are about 1.3 billion tons discarded and waste.” The loss and waste is equivalent to waste a huge of resources in a year. “About $680 billion in industrialized countries, $310 billion in developing countries.” There is no doubt that food retail are always faced with a difficult problem, how to balance the shelf products and inventory possible corruption products in the future. For example, stock up overmuch for promotion; over-delivery to stores; or late change for inventory; the old products are buried behind new products on the shelves.


RFID stickers technology

How RFID stickers technology will save food industry?

Many experts believe that the food industry will benefit from the Internet of Things technologies. To provide product traceability; reduce food waste; improve the efficiency of transportation and products processing. Especially RFID stickers technology. It has the potential to save the typical or atypical problem of the food industry. RFID technology is highly reliable; reasonable price; and can be universally applied to international standards for different tags/labels and dives.

It is a high human cost and time to management a store inventory. The profit margins of food store is very low, so any opportunity to improve the efficiency of the food supply and inventory management are worth considering. RFID stickers technology can play an important role in sustainable development. Retailers can faster send the perishable food that which are not sale yet to food bands to provide food for hungry families, and prevent the food unnecessarily into the landfill. Not only such, RFID also can save 50% of the working time spent to manually checking the food date for staff.

RFID stickers technology

RFID stickers technology

What’s example they do for us?

Avery Dennison launched the first safe and reliable food smart tags, and finished pilot project with Britain’s leading food retailers. These tags can through sensors stored or captured information, and through wireless to transmit data. Even though in the frozen environment and other specific environment also can read the data. Result is exciting, the preliminary analysis of the pilot project for three months is showing that the food waste decreased by 20%. And is likely to reduce food inventory management costs by about 50%. The inventory accuracy is dramatically increased by over 99% in the whole food distribution supply chain.

So far RFID stickers technology and NFC tags technology are testing by several retailers. Help to effectively manage the stocks of perishable food with high price but low benefit such as meet, fish and poultry. Along with RFID technology start using in food industry, food waste will no longer be a factor and give rise to food system pressure or straining profit space.

RFID stickers technology

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