September 23, 2016

where to find nfc tags ?


Where to find nfc tags? Chuangxinjia provides leading and innovative approaches for your Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions. Our company supports all NFC applications and business models and delivers the security and performance crucial for the success of NFC.

NFC raises the bar for security, performance and convenience for the mobile device industry.

NFC is entering the consumer technology mass market and is about to revolutionize everyday activities bringing a new era of transaction and personal mobility into our daily life.

Based on 13.56 MHz Radio Frequency technology, NFC provides extended wireless uses cases to mobile devices. Considering existing mobile and contactless infrastructures, NFC devices increase customer convenience and enable services such as:

  • Mobile Payment
  • Peer to Peer Information Exchange
  • Applications such as NFC Mobile Payment utilize information that end customers want to keep private. Personal data and financial transactions have to be protected by the usage of NFC Secure Elements employing robust security concepts similar to the security levels provided by certified credit cards.
  • Infineon is partner of choice within the NFC ecosystem
  • Infineon is principal member of the NFC Forum and other NFC-relevant standardization bodies. We actively drive and influence the NFC market development for many years.
  • Infineon supports open standards

More information on where to find nfc tags and Chuangxinjia’s advantages?

Our products support every approach to bring NFC into mobile devices:

NFC Secure Elements offering the perfect fit for every NFC application and business model,

NFC tags supporting smart posters, loyalty programs and device paring,

Protecting Diodes protecting NFC antennas and front-end devices from transient voltage events.

Our unique and complete portfolio of NFC secure elements.


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