September 21, 2018

What Is RFID Protection And Do We Need This Protection?

With the technological development of intelligent new era, the hacker can steal your information easily, so RFID blocking products which can protect your privacy and money are very necessary for you.

What is rfid protection?

what is RFID protection

The RFID system is composed of an electronic tag or non-contact smart card (such as a smart phone with swiping function) placed on the identified object and a device that gives instructions to the electronic tag and collects feedback information from the electronic tag. The device is also called an RFID card reader. In order to allow other devices to display or use this data, it is also possible to externalize an RS232 interface on the reader so that information can be passed to the external device.

Since it is a passive electronic tag, the energy required for the chip and memory work in the electronic tag should be provided by the reader. The communication between the reader and the electronic tag is based on the principle of electromagnetic coupling. The energy of the electronic tag is generated by the electromagnetic coupling of the reader coil antenna.

When using an inductively coupled RFID system, it is often requested that the antenna of the reader or electronic label be installed directly on the metal surface. However, it is impossible to mount a magnetic antenna directly on the metal surface.

Because antenna flux through the metal surface will produce eddy current sensor, according to lenz’s law, the eddy current be adversely affected for the field antenna, and makes the metal on the surface of the magnetic field decay quickly, so that between the read/write device and electronic tag data read distance will be affected by severe, may even be misinterpreted or read failure.The result is the same regardless of the magnetic field generated by the coil installed on the metal surface, or the field from the outside approaching the metal plate (the electronic label is on the metal surface).

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