September 9, 2016

What Is RFID Custom Wristbands ?


RFID wristbands combines the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. Moreover, made of PVC material, this waterproof disposable RFID tag allows 100,000 times reading & writing and offer RFID custom wristbands according to color, printing and numbering, etc. For example, compatible with ISO 14443 standards, this NFC wristband with RFID transponder can be integrated into kinds of RFID solutions, working on the 13.56MHz frequency. For example, a RFID clothing tag with low cost operates in 125 KHz or 13.56MHz frequency, is suitable to be used in security area such as hotel and business building where ensuring the area safety is vital.

Thanks to silicone and PVC materials, these cheap RFID custom wristbands not only are waterproof, durable and cost effective, but also RFID custom wristbands, including color, printing and so on. It can be believed that these cheap RFID tags will have a large market in the near future, due to it brings high efficiency but spend so little to the enterprises. With the radio-frequency chips embedded, NFC tags can give users the ultimate in wristband security, and allow identify verification and cashless transactions.

It is because a visitor needs to hold his or her wristband within a few inches of an interrogator mounted in a turnstile at that particular entrance before they can enter an area of the amusement park. By using wristband system, Sunway Lagoon can analyze visitors’ purchasing habits and the amount of time necessary to perform every transaction in order to attract more visitors and even improve its staffs’ performances and services. Our ID card can include RFID to enable us to use it to access to the university facilities, such as lecture halls and tutorial rooms, computer labs, library facilities, etc.

Last but not least, all RFID readers installed in the amusement park are under ISO 1443 standard and also, the wristband system makes use of data encryption in order to avoid the data or tag ID encoded to every wristband from being read secretly. General Hospital, in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco is installing active Wi-Fi -based RFID technology to track patients, staff and assets. Several Wi-Fi access points have since been installed, enabling staff members to track patients wearing RFID wristbands as they move from their rooms to other areas, such as the imaging department.

An RFID reader can theoretically scan every item in a shopping basket, case or pallet which at one glance, at a distance, even in rotten conditions like inside a freezer or in a sandstorm. Place an RFID reader in a series of gateways, and it can follow supplies from assembly line to store shelves and right out the door with the customer. The RFID holds much more data than any other bar code symbology and can be read and written to thousands of times, acting as a portable database.

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