September 2, 2016

What is NFC ?

What is NFC

What is NFC ? NFC, or near-field communication, is an easy and intuitive technology that allows you to use your mobile phone for special purposes. An NFC tag can share and link to information such as web pages, social media and all other sorts of other information generally. Other areas where NFC is starting to evolve into are making payments, opening doors secured with contactless locks, logging on to computers and many more. All of these actions have something in common, that is they invoke an action based on you placing your phone (or any other NFC device) near (the N in NFC) the thing you want to read or interact with.

NFC is bridging the gap between both the physical and virtual worlds. By bringing two devices near each other, there is a virtual reaction. Bluetooth and WiFi do not have this ease in set up. So the key feature of NFC is: It is automatic! There is no need to launch an application! just works!
In more technological terms, NFC defines the way two products communicate with each other. NFC is short range wireless RFID technology (1-4cm realistically, 10cm theoretically) which uses low speeds (106-414 kbps) and a low friction setup (no discovery and no pairing), which then allows two devices to automatically start communicating when they are close to one another.

For a more techie description of NFC and more technology details, please read on the following information:

What is NFC? More Background on NFC

NFC uses passive targets (with no batteries!) and random devices that are not powered (so called tags or stickers, sometimes aka transponders or labels) – all of which you can buy on this site as part of the Identiv offering. NFC Tags are essentially targets ‘that want’ to be touched by NFC devices like mobile phones. These Tags can contain information per se or point (i.e. direct) you to information, applications or services.

As you can see above, NFC is coming to many phones and handset manufacturers like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, RIM (Blackberry) have been pushing the deployment of the technology. Amongst the above and others, Google is developing application tools to allow application programmers to write programs that utilize NFC. The Android platform is called ‘Gingerbread’ and it offers APIs to developers to allow for: Tag Read, Tag Write and Peer to Peer communications. Basically just touch to exchange data… and more! Google is also coming out with a new software platform that is called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ and that supports NFC as well. Similarly, Nokia has been a long term supporter and developer of NFC technology and several smartphones offered by Nokia offer NFC functionalities. The phones based on the Windows Phone 8 platform coming out towards the end 2012 will very likely have NFC functionalities as well in their majority. Other handset manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung have joined into offering NFC technologies and we obviously hope that NFC will become a standard offering and core technology component in all phones. It is expected that 200 million phones with NFC technology will have shipped by the end of 2012 (source: re:ID, Spring 2012).

Chuangxinjia is a leader in NFC development, support and implementation. We design, manufacture and obviously sell readers, tags and solutions surrounding NFC. So essentially we believe you are at the right spot if you are looking for quality products, we are the first option for you.

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