September 2, 2016

What is NFC tag used for ?


Well the main usage people think of is payment. Contactless banking cards are becoming more and more common and a NFC phone can act like a contactless bank card. This means that when you are in a shop and ready to pay, rather than getting your standard plastic card out you can put your phone near a payment ‘reader’ and complete the payment.

The next thing that is commonly talked about after payments is access control or simply door security. Many offices and public spaces have contactless readers that keep doors locked and authorized people can use a contactless card to open the door. Again the NFC phone can play the role of the door entry security card and open the door, when it is place in the field (the F in NFC) of the door reader.

This being said (or written), there are many things you can do with NFC, some of which we have candidly listed here.

So what is NFC tag used for? why would I want to do this?
Because there are so much more examples of where NFC can make things more convenient, quicker or more fun for you. Make sure you go through our ever expanding list of use cases here The most important thing to know is that you can create your own NFC application with your phone every day. So NFC is as much a solid technology that can handle complex and integrated payment and security systems as it is a fun, every day enabler of communication and sharing.

Where can NFC technology be seen today?
What is NFC tag used for? NFC technology is now starting to show up in the real world. For example, you may soon pass by a coffee shop and see a ‘spot.’ Instead of walking by, you decide to place your mobile device on the spot and just like that, you receive a discount off of your favorite brew.

The right time to buy NFC tags and develop your own application with them is now! There are more and more phones with NFC and use cases and pilot projects are popping up virtually every day.

Virtually anyone can benefit from NFC tags and stickers. Be it retailers, manufacturers, venues, theaters, public transportation. They benefit because NFC makes very complex digital interactions incredibly simple. A simple tap will allow even the most novice end users to take advantage of complex applications and services. This simplicity will mean that many application providers, advertising agencies and business owners’ will want to leverage NFC. It can open up new revenue streams by making things simple to get access to. Both the private and public sector can all benefit from NFC.

Business owners can show their technology prowess by implementing NFC tags now. There are already services available to take advantage of the benefits of these types of programs.

Do I need to do anything on the phone first?
No. NFC phones are highly sophisticated yet simple devices. The technology allows for very simple operation, basically just putting the phone in the field of the reader triggers a series of radio communications (the C in NFC) between the SIM card or other secure chip in the phone, and door security system. You just need to make sure the phone has NFC integrated and NFC reading is on.

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