September 22, 2016

Top 10 Benefits of Using RFID for Events


Radio frequency identification, or R.F.I.D., refers to a variety of wireless technologies that create communication between a tag and a reader. R.F.I.D.

Chances are, you’ve heard the buzz about RFID for events. The wireless event tech has become standard at the country’s top music festivals, with fans proudly wearing their RFID wristbands year-round like badges of honor.

But RFID (which stands for Radio Frequency Identification) isn’t just for the huge music festivals anymore. From cashless food and drink festivals to races using RFID badges, the tech can be used by all types of events to delight attendees with shorter lines and interactive experiences.

The benefits of RFID for events go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike. Fans can choose to link their emails, social media profiles, and even wallet with their RFID wristbands or badges before the event to engage in new ways day-of. Beyond streamlining entry and lines within the event, RFID enables fans to connect in new ways with you, your sponsors, and each other.

  1. Get fans inside quickly
  2. Improve your event with real-time insights
  3. Go cashless
  4. Spotlight social integrations
  5. Strengthen connections with sponsors
  6. Expand the VIP experience
  7. Eliminate counterfeit tickets
  8. Simplify package pickup
  9. Make the wristband a fashion statement
  10. Get to know your audience on a whole new level


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