September 9, 2016

Those informations RFID tag suppliers don’t told you ?


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What is an RFID power harvesting tag?
An RFID power harvesting tag is an advanced RFID technology application of a regular passive tag that not only reflects radio wave signals back to the RFID reader, but also gathers and stores the energy of radio waves. The stored energy is then used to modify and transmit signals back to the reader at a different frequency for enhanced performance.

Can an RFID tag be disabled?
An RFID tag can be physically disabled by simply disconnecting the circuitry from its antenna. Tags can also be disabled by having a reader send a ‘kill command’ to the tag which will prevent the tag from responding to any further requests from a reader.

Will a magnet erase an RFID tag?
No, because the data is not magnetically encoded in the tag. On the Internet, there are many methods discussed for the disabling of RFID chips such as using strong magnets to terminate the tag functionality. But this is not effective because the memory in RFID tags are not magnetic based and the compact size of tags is unable to induce sufficient energy to destroy the chip.

Which size of an RFID Tag delivers best results?
Size of a tag is determined by the size of an asset being tagged and is dependent on the area available to place an RFID tag. Applications which contain large objects like shipping containers and vehicles, there is a plenty of space available to attach an RFID tag. In recent years, RFID manufactures are concerned to reduce the size of an RFID tag to make it suitable for areas such as prescription drug bottles, tools, and electronic equipment where available space to place the tag is limited.

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