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September 1, 2016

RFID Blocking Sleeves For Credit Card And Passport Protection

Why you need rfid blocking sleeves for credit card, Wireless RFID Blocking technology is on the rise, making transactions more convenient for everyone.  Fortunately, there’s a better RFID credit card protector to give you peace of mind, knowing your personal, banking and credit card information is safely protected from would-be predators. Secure & Stylish Design […]

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August 31, 2016

How To Choose The RFID Windshield Sticker Tag

RFID windshield sticker offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company secured parking, or even a car wash. RFID enabled smart refrigerators are personal refrigerators with an integrated automated inventory management system allowing the management of refrigerated stock in real can notify users of available stock, expiration […]

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August 30, 2016

Several Kinds Of RFID Tag Inlay In Our Life

RFID tag inlay are composed of an IC (Integrated Circuit, Chip) and a Dipole antenna. Logistics supply chain, waste disposal, waste collection basing RFID RF transmitter transponder, digital warehouse management, value-added security traceability,bags and suitcase, warehouse stock, container, goods shelf, pallet, equipment, asset pallet trackings, communication equipment, medical device observed from medical articles and clothing […]

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