August 31, 2016

How To Choose The RFID Windshield Sticker Tag

RFID windshield sticker

RFID windshield sticker offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company secured parking, or even a car wash. RFID enabled smart refrigerators are personal refrigerators with an integrated automated inventory management system allowing the management of refrigerated stock in real can notify users of available stock, expiration dates,current temperature, can also prompt the shopping list via text messages notifying items that need to be refrigerator can also be linked to the wireless network and can be remotely accessed.

One of the new innovations in this field is the development of navigation system for the visually-impaired.Though GPS navigation is available,it is limited to outdoor passive tags do not require any power they can be embedded into any object with ease without any energy system consists of the tags and an handheld reader. Different tags transmit different signals which is read and decoded by the reader and a suitable audible message in the desired language is delivered to the user.

RFID windshield sticker can operate at low frequency,high frequency and ultra-high frequency tags operate at 125kHz-148kHz with 125kHz and 134.2kHz being the most commonly Frequency tags operate at 13.56MHz. Ultra high frequency tags operate at 860-960Mhz with 915Mhz being the most commonly used frequency. Active tags operate at ultra high frequency(915MHz) and microwave frequency(2.45GHz).

Passive RFID tags require no power for their working and hence can be very small in to their small size they can be concealed easily making them very hard to locate. Hence they can be used to track people or objects since the RFID tags can be activated without the knowledge of consumers and the data in RFID tags are not encrypted due to which the data contained in them can read without the knowledge of the consumer.

Identiv’s portfolio features an extensive choice of RFID chips that include support for the most common RFID standards: ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC18000-3, or ISO18006-C EPC Gen2, including NFC Type 1, 2, 3, and 4. Adhesive labels are available with all major chip suppliers, including NXP, Infineon, Inside Secure, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, EM Microelectronics, Alien Technology, Impinj, Sony Felica, and others.

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