October 31, 2016

RFID Wristbands And Cashless RFID Ticketing

RFID Ticketing

Ticket retailers and festival organizers have thrown around terms like cashless RFID ticketing for the last few years, but exactly what these are and how they can be useful to you is not always clear.

Big festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland have now successfully switched over to RFID, and to mark the onset of this game changing technology, we decided to find out exactly how it works. So, read on to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about RFID and cashless ticketing.

What Are the Advantages of Cashless RFID Ticketing?

There are a few straight forward advantages to RFID systems:

High Security: RFID wristbands are entirely impossible to duplicate, which eliminates the risk of fraud. Because each wristband has an embedded microchip and is linked to an online account, issues that arose in the past with less secure event wristbands are completely eliminated.

Cashless Ticketing: Pickpocketing and losing your valuables can be an issue for guests at festivals, especially in large crowds. RFID systems allow guests to create an account online before the festival and either link it to their credit card or load it with a set amount of cash. They can then pay for drinks or merchandise simply by tapping their wristband. This is also advantageous for event organizers, because guests tend to spend more using an automatic system as they don’t actually see the money leaving their pockets.

Social Media Opportunities: RFID wristbands also create marketing and social media opportunities for event organizers. In 2013, Bonnaroo allowed guests to link their wristband to their Facebook page, take photos at booths in the festival and upload them online. Guests could also upload playlists through Spotify or Tweet about the festival on Twitter In addition to providing a fun social experience for guests, these social media possibilities also give organizers a ton of real-time feedback to work with, both about what’s working now and valuable insights for the future.

Fast Processing: RFID portals can scan thousands of wristbands per hour. Security guards no longer need to check individual wristbands or tickets, and lines move significantly faster with an automatic system. The automatized entrance also eliminates the margin of error for rushed staff.
Less Staff: Because RFID ticketing is a mostly automated process, it also cuts down the cost of hiring staff to check tickets and manage entrances. This frees up additional manpower for other tasks and cuts down on the organizer’s overall costs.

Area-specific Control: Each RFID wristband is associated with its own account, so the wristbands can also control access to restricted areas within the festival grounds such as VIP areas, backstage, and even staff-only areas. In the past, Coachella has used RFID ticketing for everyone from the guests to the performers with great success.

If you’re interested in finding out more about RFID wristbands and cashless RFID ticketing, contact us today!

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