January 6, 2016

RFID Exhibition ticket

Shanghai RFID exhibiton ticket

World EXPO 2010 Shanghai China (EXPO 2010), is the 41st world exposition. In May 2010 on October 31, held in Shanghai, China. The world expo is the first world expo held by the Chinese.

The topic is “better city, better live”.

Expro Host for Shanghai china utilized CXJ’s RFID ticket technology and RFID ticket for access management.

CXJ’s one of the leading RFID Exhibition ticket and inlay manufacturer in the world and has developed RFID label series operating at HF and UHF frequency, in rectangular and circular shapes. The adhesive RFID labels are fully customizable in a variety of shapes and sizes, OEM service as well.

We have placed an order with Shanghai Expro Host for Shanghai Expo electronic entrance ticket business relationship, which means that our RFID tag technology has been mature in the area of electronic entrance ticket. Ultralight is the chip.

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