860-960MHz Red RFID Laundry Tag Price Factory Direct Sales

rfid laundry tag price

Item: 860-960MHz Red Silicond Laundry Tag

Model: CXJ-RLT002

Material: Silicone

Chip: Alien H3

Available color: red, white, blue and transparent

Size: 90*24mm, 80*24,100*15mm 50*15mm,45*30mm

Protocol: UHF EPC Class 1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C




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Silicone UHF rfid laundry tag are the ideal choice for tracking laundered items such as garments, robes and towels. RFID laundry tag is great to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and garment industries and the hospitality . The perfect 360° read profile means you can rack the tags from any angle. Flexible low-profile design offers versatile attachment methods. Sew these RFID laundry tag directly into the seams and hems of garments, blankets and other products; heat-seal tags onto fabrics; or place them in small pouches, then stitch into a seam or hem. The Silicone RFID laundry tag can be dry cleaned or washed up to 200 times in hot, soapy water. Resistant to high temperatures, tags can be ironed at 200°F with a press cloth for up to 10 seconds, placed in a dryer for up to an hour at 185°F and/or sterilized in an autoclave.

Main Feature:

  • Long read range up to 12 feet.
  • Withstands high temperatures and work well in harsh environments.
  • Waterproof.
  • Chemical & Solvent resistant.
  • Easy sew into garments, linens and towels.
  • Great for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and laundry multiple shop.

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Asset Marking&Tracking, UHF RFID laundry system
Material Eco friendly silicone
Dimensions: 90*24mm, 80*24,100*15mm


Available Colors: Red, white, transparent and blue
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 50℃
Water Resistance: excellent
Solvent Resistance: excellent
Chemical Resistance: Excellent against detergents, bleach, alkali, softener, dry cleaning materials
Test Temperatures and Duration Results
Maximum Temperature Long Term at 10 hr: 120℃ No effect on the tag. Tag remain the sames in appearance and RFID function. No sign of peeling, tearing or destruction. And the tag read normal after the tests.
Standard at 5 min: 136℃
Short term at 90 sec: 144℃
RFID Protocol: UHF EPC Class 1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency Range: 860-960MHz
EPC Size: 96 bits
User Memory: 512 bits
Chip Manufacturer: Alien
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