ISO18000-6C EPC GEN 2 UHF RFID Jewelry Tag

RFID jewelry tag

Model No.: CXJ-URJT02

Company Brand: CXJ

Size: 96*25.5mm

Thickness: 0.5mm

Material: Converted White Paper

Chip: Alien H3 or ICODE SLI series or Impink Monza series

Printing: 4 color custom printing or blank



Our ISO18000-6C EPC GEN 2 UHF RFID jewelry tag are contactless and could be written with different functions. Except UHF frequencies jewelry tag, there are also ISO 15693 standards jewelry tags. UHF type is used widely and more popular in this jewelry management system now. The UHF RFID jewelry tag specially are designed for use in jewelry market communities such as jewelry warehouse and jewelry shops management. It could meet perfectly the tracking requirement of the jewelry industry in terms of size, shape and ease of fixation. Our UHF RFJD jewelry tag is embedded in a white patented adhesive label adoptable to any type of jewelry, including rings, earrings and necklaces. And the labels enable jewelry to be quickly and reliably identified all along their distribution chain, from warehouses to point-of-sales.Whether in bags, on trays or on shelves, several pieces of jewelry can be easily inventoried using fixed or portable RFID reading stations. It is really an excellent way of enhancing the security of the precious jewelry items. For us, multiple designs and custom RFID jewelry tags could be offered based on client’s requirements for the tag application.


  1. Easy to paste;
  2. Tearing resistance;
  3. Class1 Gen 2 ISO 18,000 6C;
  4. Fast Read Rates for dense reader environments;
  5. Flexible attachment for tagging small items of jewelry.


  1. Jewelry management;
  2. jewelry tracking;
  3. Jewelry stock management;
  4. Other applications requiring a small tag.




PVC, PET/paper plus wave-absorbing material;
Printing offset printing or digital printing
Crafts laser code, digital number,embossed number,variable Data etc
Size 15*30mm or customized
Frequency 13.56Mhz


Protocol 1S015693 / ISO 18000-6C;
Chips available HF: Icode SLI,  Icode SLIX etc
UHF:Alien H3, lmpinj M4 etc
Operation temperature -10°C – +50°C;
Store temperature -20째C-+60째C;
Read range 2—5cm (HF), 0.7—5m(UHF)(reIated to the reader and reading environment);
R/W read only or R/W;
Write endurance 100,000 times;
Data endurance 10 years
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