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RFID Reader/Writer: 
Model No.: CXJ-RR-0004
Company Brand: CXJ
Product Name:  RFID Card Reader
SDK: Provide the demo of auto write, read; Provide C#,VC,VB,Java,Delphi routiness
Working frequency: LF  RFID(125/134.2 KHz)

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RFID Card Readers/Writer:

RFID card readers/writer is radio frequency identification, can automatic recognize the target and access to relevant  RFID signal data without human intervention, besides it’s easy to operate, can identify fast moving objects and identifying a plurality of RFID tags. RFID card readers/writer have fixed type and hand held type. The hand held type RFID card readers/writer includes a low frequency, high frequency, UHF, active and so on. Generally, RFID card readers/writer apply to yard management, it realize the identity of the vehicle identification, automatic deductions. If apply to long-range RFID card readers/writers , can realize non-stop and avoid taking cards services or unattended channels.

1 .Support LF , HF , UHF RFID ;
2. Integrated Long Range Laser Barcode Scanner;
3. Industry IP54 Hardware design and can be used in Harsh environment;
4. Good Performance and cost-effective.

Specification :

Item RFID card readers
Operating Frequency USA  902~928MHZ  Europe  860~868MHZ
SDK Soft Provide the demo of auto write, read
Provide C#,VC,VB,Java,Delphi routines
Communication Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC G2)&ISO-18000-6B
Antenna parameters Antenna gain: 8DBI circular polarization
Antenna Power: 1W
Communication Interface Wiegand26\34\42、RS232、RS485Communication Interface
(Customized network port, WIFI, GPRS, etc. Output)
Input and output   1 road trigger input and two relay outputs (custom)
Product Performance Reading distance: Stable read 8 meters (9662 white card test)
Power Requirements:DC 7.5-12V,3A
Industrial lightning: 6000V Industrial lightning
Low temperature: minus 40 degrees cold treatment
Work: Buzzer
Other: Wiegand optical couples isolation
Product Specifications Size:280X280X40MM Weight:5KG
Accessories: a serial cable, a pair of mounting brackets, a set of power lines
LF  RFID(125/134.2 KHz) Support EM4001,TK4001.
HF RFID(13.56MHz) Support ISO14443A ISO 14443A/B,Mifare S50, S70, Desfire,
Mifare pro, ultralight,FM11RF08,desfire;
or ISO 15693, ISO18000-3, like icode II, icode II SLIX,tag-it,etc
UHF RFID Support:ISO18000-6C, EPC Class 0, EPC Class 1 (GEN2)
Frequency: 860 MHz~960 MHz
Distance: 0~3m ( with U1 module)
0~7m (with U7 module)
Active RFID
Distance: 30-100 m , refer to scanning type
GPS Position: 20 channels maximum, Position accuracy:
10m, speed accuracy: 0.1m/s,
updated rate: 1s. Support A-GPS.
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