CXJ iPhone E Ink Case DIY Picture Smart NFC Phone Case

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NFC iPhone E Ink Case

  • Model: CXJ-NC019
  • Material: PC+TPU+Tempered glass
  • Size: iPhone 13-15(Whole Series)
  • Color: Black/Blue/White/Custom
  • Chip: NFC chip
  • Color Display: 4 color e ink display
  • Application: E-ink screen displays any picture/text, protects the phone etc.
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Sample: Free stock sample

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NFC Smart E Ink Case for iPhone

CXJ NFC electronic ink phone case is made of high-quality PC and TPU materials, the surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant tempered glass. Built-in NFC chip. The four-color electronic ink display can display a variety of personalized patterns, texts and messages. Users can freely change the display content through the APP and display their favorite patterns or important information at any time.


The e-ink case utilizes NFC for power-saving connection, requiring no batteries or charging, so you don’t have to worry about power consumption. It provides a fast 13-second display update and features an optimized high-definition E-Ink screen that reduces ghosting, ensuring vivid visuals every time you use it.

Product Features

  1. Made of high-quality PC+TPU+ tempered glass, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  2. Full-coverage phone case. Fully protect your device from general scratches, dirt and wear.
  3. Color e-ink display. Clearly present images.
  4. Customize your favorite images or messages.
  5. Precise cutting and opening for easy access to ports and buttons.
  6. Environmentally friendly. Reduce energy consumption.

Product Details



Item Name Customized E Ink Case NFC Phone Case Wholesale
Model CXJ-NC019
Material PC+TPU+Tempered glass
Size iPhone 13-15(Whole Series)
Frequency HF 13.56MHz
Chip NFC chip
Special Features Reusable, waterproof, weatherproof
Color Display 4 color e ink display
Craft NFC control
Application E-ink screen displays any picture/text, protects the phone etc.
Packing Single item, 20X8X1.5cm, 0.500 kg
MOQ 500pcs
Sample Free stock samples for testing

Product Size

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