August 30, 2016

NFC Stock and Investment with NFC tag


The arrival of NFC in mass market phones and high profile applications is leading to a lot of interest from people looking to invest in this fast emerging technology. What is NFC, and how can you invest in it?

NFC stocks – will they turn into piles of cash?
Here at NFC World, we are seeing lots of interest from people who have only recently learned of near field communication and are interested in investing in NFC.

We’re often asked how ordinary people can invest in NFC, and are also asked several times a day “what is your stock symbol?” It’s gratifying that anyone could think that NFC World is the single company at the centre of the NFC universe, but that’s not actually the case. We’re the leading trade publication that covers the global NFC industry, but we don’t supply NFC products or systems.

Can I invest in NFC?
NFC is a technology, like Bluetooth, not a company like IBM. There are multiple product and service vendors. Worldwide standards are set and maintained by the NFC Forum, an industry association run by a group of companies with interests in the technology. At NFC World we keep readers up to date on all the key developments and issues in the industry growing up around NFC.
This means there is no one stock to invest in; keep reading NFC World to learn more about the players in the NFC ecosystem. Some major players are already listed and can be traded right now, some are set to IPO in the near future, and many are privately held. NFC represents the major part of some players’ business, while for others it is only a very small part of their overall interests.
Additionally, many of the most innovative NFC solutions are being developed by startups, which are often looking for seed funding or further investment.

Chuangxinjia manufactures NFC tag
Chuangxinjia is a manufacturer of NFC tag. The most popular types are Mifare and NTAG203. We have the ability to manufacture larger memory.

Customized NFC tag
We can customize NFC tag with logos, promotional text, or other information that may be needed on them. We can provide any face stock and adhesive combination that is needed. If your opportunity requires piggyback labels we can do that as well.

Encoded NFC tags
We can encode NFC labels to preform with specified functions. Examples are turning a device on or off, redirecting you to a specific website, setting your phone to do a specific task and many other things.

They are used to:
Additional Uses:
Facilitate two-way communication with consumers
Allow consumers to share experience with each other
Launch special promotions
Reinforce brand values & messages

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