October 20, 2017

Do you know this Fixed Assets Management RFID Solution

1. Project Profile

RFID solution

Fixed assets management system is characteristic on material object management. It is a practical management software to make hard things simple. Using RFID Solution technology to solve the problem often appeared as material object does not accord with financial records in fixed assets management. It helped enterprise financial account management in an orderly way.

Fixed assets management system using the average method of depreciation quickly completed the computation of depreciation of the fixed asset, the caculation results are accurate and correct. Can finish all works of depreciation easily as long as you click the mouse.

Fixed assets management system using efficient data transmission technology, unique authority management philosophy. So the enterprise leader can understand the status of comprehensive enterprise fixed assets by sit in the office only.

The fixed assets management system has been greatly improved work efficient of enterprise. Also greatly increased the enterprise benefit, and reduce the cost. So it is a good helper of enterprise management.


2. Frame and Function Module


RFID solution

RFID solution

Fixed assets management is an important part in the enterprise management. Fixed assets has high value, long cycle of use, difficult managemnet and other characteristic. About those problem, this system use computer and RFID technology to achieve informatization management of fixed assets.


3. Benefit Analysis

 A. Powerful and practical function

Fixed assets management system including asset increase, alteration, scrap, damage, depreciation, loan, return, distribution user department, user department alteration, management setting, asset exchange between department, printing all kinds of report, combination query and so on. For every fixed assets can check out all the assets from the purchase, enter an item in an account, put into use, user department, depreciation, even all the information of quit to use can be recorded in detail. Dynamic query function can ensure that the managers to master comprehensive information data in first time. Assets depreciation can reduce a large number of repeated labor and ensure the accuracy of the data.

 B. Progressive RFID Management Style

The related data of every new assets purchases after input to computer will be in accordance with corresponding software to write information into the RFID card, and the content of RFID card can be set by user. Including fixed assets name, data of purchase, storage(user department) etc. Posted RFID card on fixed assets physical, both clearly distinguish between the user department of fixed assets. But also bring to greatly convenient for inventory. The worker don’t need to record asset code and check the account book, read the RFID card on fixed assets and card information will autosave just by a special radio frequency counting machine.

C. Unique Permissions Management

In the fixed assets management system fully considering the different responsibility of every operator. Also set an accordingly operating permissions for each operator, they can via user ID and password identification to do the limited operation which is within the scope of their duties. So it can ensure the system stability also have a certain flexibility to strengthen the adaptability.

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