December 1, 2016

Camelback Holiday Village and Aquatopia Water Park Use RFID Wristband System

RFID Wristband System

The Camelback Holiday Village and Aquatopia Indoor Water Park located on Mount Pocono, that application RFID wristband system to access control, cashless payment and locker rental.

The RFID wristband have a 13.56MHz passive RFID tag inside, it can apply to guest room, attractions brake machine and the data validation of sales.

If you stay in Cameback Holiday Village, you will receive a waterproof non-transferable RFID wristband instead of room key, you can enter hotel room and water park with this wristabnd.

Besides, the wristaband have a one-time buckle, that can fixed on guset’s wrist, so it is different from key card or cash, it cannot mistake and lost.

Moreover, the guest can use the wristaband to achieve cashless payment, this can add the guest’s shopping opportunity. “ Using cash or credit card, it maybe miss some scattered goods’ opportunities, such as ice cream”,  the VP of leisure entertainment Robin Barber said. “ But when we have RFID wristband, guests can scanning their wrists to achieve freedom shopping quickly, this can give them more time on enjoy holiday.”

“We want to create a new way to improve guests’ experience, so that guests can remember us”. Camelback Holiday Village partner Pete Helland Jr said. “ This quick and easy way of RFID wristband also could improve the workers’ prduction. At the same time, for the RFID wristband can be customed, so whatever the guest go to where, everyone who wear our RFID wristbands might be a good advertistment.”

According to RFID expert’s said, RFID wristband have a varity of colors, closed choose and meterial, such as plastic, silicon resin or woven, and customized service. You can choose the right matching RFID wristband system.

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