July 27, 2017

RFID Anti-counterfeiting and Goods-fleeing Preventing Solution

Project Profile

How to effectively solve the product issue of RFID anti-counterfeiting and RFID goods-fleeing preventing having become the pain point of modern enterprise set up the brand image and protects the rights and interests of consumers. The most concerned about two issues in the production and circulation links of a modern enterprise are the counterfeiting and the fleeing goods. And Chuangxinjia Smart Technology Co; Ltd has been designed with a mature solution for product put in storage, out of storage, and circulate to a distribution channel. Through the mobile communication technology to track product code to monitor the circulation line of product that to avoid the phenomenon of fleeing goods and fake goods, it is easy to process the management of enterprise, improve consumer satisfaction and set up enterprise brand benefit.

Issue Profile

RFID Anti-counterfeiting: This is the most concerned about the issue of modern enterprise, in order to save the reputation of the enterprise, protect the rights and interests of consumer, companies often spend a lot of manpower and material resources to crack down on fake goods. The enterprise not only promise the product quality to consumer, should be combined the reliably anti-counterfeiting protection and high quality service, anti-counterfeiting is a part of the service. Also is a part of the product.
RFID Goods-fleeing: Usually refer to the dealers in order to pursue the maximization of profit, using the difference of different sales region market requirement to sell the product surpasses the limit region. Regional market fleeing goods are a kind of common marketing problem. The fleeing goods will bring a very serious damage for the original selling network.
Base on these problems, Chuangxinjia smart technology company according to the requirement of enterprise pushed out anti-counterfeiting and goods-fleeing preventing solution.

The Solution

Using dual frequency NFC tags: UHF tag + NFC tag. Mainly with the help of RFID read equipment to binding product information and dual frequency NFC tags before put the product in storage, after product out of storage and circulation to channel marketing, RFID readers will load the information such as sales region, true and false from NFC tags, manufacture and distributor through use UHF hand reader to read product information from NFC tag, to track the product code, and monitor circulation link of product; and consumer can scan the dual frequency NFC tags to identify the false and true by smart phone which can support NFC function, that can process real-time monitor of fleeing goods falsify phenomenon.

RFID Anti-counterfeiting and RFID Goods-fleeing Preventing Function Pictures:

Anti-counterfeiting and Goods-fleeing Preventing Function

Warehouse logistics management system


NFC security platform

NFC security platform

Project Value

  • To realize low cost logistics tracking;
  • NFC chip using encryption, the customer to effectively manage the tags binding, cannot malicious generated;
  • The real-time channel will send the product information(his sale) to an information system, and enterprise can get circulation data in real-time.
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