September 26, 2016

Why We Need RFID Blocking Wallets For Our Credit Cards?


I remembered i saw a article is about weather we should use RFID blocking wallets or sleeves for our credit cards and passports.

The following is some opinions from the article.

Frances Hiller said:  U.S. passports, some driver’s licenses, and many credit cards rely on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). They’re embedded with microchips and radio antennas that can track your location and send a unique identifying number to an electronic reader. That links to a database with your personal records or account information. RFID-blocking products make it more difficult for thieves with electronic readers to skim data from your cards or passport, but they aren’t bulletproof. RFID shields built into the covers of U.S. passports provide reasonably good protection, but use sleeves (sold in stores and online) for new driver’s licenses and passport cards used to cross into Canada or Mexico. Credit and debit cards with chips allowing contactless payment have been shown to be vulnerable, too, but card issuers’ fraud-detection systems and zero-liability policies protect you against financial loss from use of stolen card data. One security expert suggests wrapping cards in aluminum foil as a cheaper, effective alternative to RFID blocking wallets or sleeves.

Should we use RFID blocking wallets or sleeves for our credit cards and passports? My opinions is we need it, absolutely, this is a network times, and what’s the most important thing, the answer is information, now we have a good way to protect us, why we don’t use it.

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