November 6, 2017

Why RFID Stickers Technology is the meritorious statesman behind in the Unmanned Supermarket

RFID Stickers

1. Profile

Along with the emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, machine vision is gradually mature. Unmanned retail as representative of new retail got a lot of attention from every e-commerce platform and famous brand. From “Amazon Go” to “Tao Coffee”, the unmanned supermarket comes as whirlwind. Some middle and small venture company by virtue of artificial intelligence technology also gradually emerged. With the advent of unmanned supermarket in Shanghai, such as Bingo Box, LAWSON, Alibaba, a lot of enterprise announced open or will open “unmanned supermarket” project. This type of new business quietly falls to the ground in Shanghai.

RFID Stickers

RFID Stickers

2. Why RFID stickers technology can fit in Unmanned supermarket?

The unmanned supermarket is closely with RFID technology. According to the user’s experience in Shanghai. We founded that the commodities in unmanned supermarket have been sticking the label on it.

There is three processes of RFID technology to apply: Preliminary identification mode, exempt identification mode and completely open mode.

 Preliminary Identification Mode: Before the consumers go to shop need for identification first.

Exempt Identification Mode: The consumers can go to shop without identification. But the entrance guard will deadlock automatically after the people enter. And it will open again after the payment down.

Completely Open Mode: The consumers can in and out of the store freely. When they choose a commodity and scan it to finish payment, then they can go out directly.

RFID Stickers

RFID Stickers

3. RFID stickers — H47 label

Yes, this is RFID sticker. It is an important constituent part in RFID system also. The unmanned supermarket used omnidirectional label H47 label, and the label used impinj latest true 3D technology. H47 uses the label double antenna, read effect is not restricted by the device antenna of reader-writer. It can be identified well in space 360 degrees. So it’s a momentous innovation technology in the field of RFID UHF technology. RFID label in combination with the read-write system of the automatic checkout counter, help consumers to complete payment.


RFID technology as a wireless communication technology is very suitable for the concept in new retail. So just said RFID technology is a hero behind of unmanned supermarket is also understandable.

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