April 26, 2018

Why RFID blocking card wallet RFID sleeves are so popular in foreign?

RFID blocking card wallet

Did you care about your ID information and bank cards, credit cards information?

Are you still put them in your wallet by normal way?

Have your information been stolen?

What is RFID blocking card wallet and RFID blocking sleeves?

RFID blocking card wallet: This is not a normal wallet. It equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology, with a unique metal composite Aluminum foil. RFID blocking card wallet not only for credit card, also with leather money clip function. It can perfect instead of normal wallet.

RFID blocking card wallet are stylish and simplicity. It will keep your RFID chip cards and passports etc safe from being unauthorized scanned by potential identity thieves. With the protection of POP business card holder, you will never worry about your personal information and data stolen by others.

RFID blocking card wallet RFID blocking card wallet

RFID blocking sleeves: The same technology as blocking wallet, but with no money clip. But it is very slim that you can still keep your cards in your wallet, purse, money belt, handbag etc.

RFID blocking sleeves RFID blocking sleeves

Are you will protect your information now?

Yes, it is the reason why RFID blocking card wallet and RFID blocking sleeves are very popular. Because people are care about they are personal information.

Chuangxinjia RFID smart technology company can support you on this technical. 13 years experience will help you to find out the best suitable way for your market. So any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be here for you always!

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