March 21, 2017

Why is Paper Wristbands So Popular?


paper wristbands

paper wristbands


Paper wristbands belongs to a kind of wrist strap, wrist strap alternatively referred to as an antistatic wrist strap or antistatic strap, a wrist strap is a strap that wraps around your wrist just like a bracelet with a cord. Wrist strap can be made of silica gel, plastic cement, soft pvc, synthetic paper, Dupont paper, nylon, now it is used very extensively, can be used in such scenes as concert, entrance guard, sports meet, indoor pool, hospital.

There are many kinds of wrist straps, including in silicone wristbands, woven wristbands, pvc wristbands, paper wristbands, today we will emphatically introduce paper wristband.

Disposable RFID paper wristbands is made of new high technology paper material, such as pp synthetic paper, dupont paper or iridescent paper, these kinds of paper can be safe, durable, water-proof and environmentally friendly. The ordinal size includes in 250*19.5m and250*25mm. Generally, the craft of paper wristbands contain printing, tool edge, laser code, spurting code.

Why use paper wristbands?

  1. Convenient to wear, not easy to lost
  2. Super waterproof, not losing color
  3. Disposable security design, and will be damaged as soon as it is separated, changeable bar code or QR code is printed, which may prevent fake ticket
  4. wear/tear-resisting, light and flexible, comfortable to wear

With so many advantages, paper wristbands are now widely used in the management of big concerts, medical identification, the control of the bar staff, the admission control of  big conference, the entertainment center, indoor pool and the large party,etc.

If you need one time use or disposable purpose wristbands especially in hospital RFID identify solution, we can offer coated paper RFID Disposable Paper Wristbands. The mainly used RFID inlay are 13.56mhz and 860-960Mhz, this kind of RFID Disposable Paper Wristbands will be more competitive and easier for wearing. They all comply with ISO 14443A, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-6C protocol. Widely use in festival. events, parties.

With the advantages of anti-counterfeit design (disposable anti-counterfeit design, ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of recognition), appearance design(high quality printing, light texture, ensure that each piece of paper wristband is competitive product), package design(individual package, good sealing, making it looks beautiful and elegant), first-rate attractive appearance and reasonable price(superior in quality, reasonable price, anti-wear and tearing resistance), CXJ RFID disposable paper wristbands have received the consistent high praise from customers.

The following is the pictures of paper wristband to help you understand paper wristband better:

paper wristbands

Paper wristband


Above is the introduction of paper wristbands , then where to buy best quality wristbands in excellent designs with competitive price? Click here to buy and know more about RFID wristbands.

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