April 26, 2017

Foreigner: I Finally Knew Why Chinese Girls Look So Young!

Why Chinese girls look so young?

Foreigners seem to be confused about this problem, today we come to talk about this matter.

In the view of the westerners, there are many secrets attracting them in the ancient eastern civilization, from fascinating historical culture to mouthwatering Chinese cuisine, all the things which is difficult for them to ascertain will be labeled as ‘mystery’. Recently, another thing has attracted the foreigner’s attention.

Chinese girls

After investigating, they seem to have found something……

The following is the secret behind retaining youthful looks from the East they summarize, for you to identify.

Face Score

Chinese women spend hefty amounts of money on beauty products: up to $300 or more per month. A white complexion will sometimes redeem several bad ones.

Beauty is first and foremost about facial features and, of course, white skin. Chinese women will do almost anything to get a fairer skin shade, from sunscreens to radical full face masks and skin whiteners. The fact that somewhere else people are ready to pay for a suntan is just beyond them.

Chinese girls


Slim! Slim! Slim!

Important things cannot be underscored too much.

Regarding body culture, Chinese ladies are totally into the worldwide slimming trend. In fact, anyone who’s not bony enough is considered chubby. (looking down at my belly, quietly I push away the snacks……)

Being chubby isn’t bad, though, and it’s even cute. But don’t describe a Chinese female “strong” for fear of making an enemy. Being chubby or plump is feminine and cute, while being strong is a male quality and close to an insult for a woman.


Little princess is me!

A girl in China should be adorable and sweet like a little princess. In their understanding, this is achieved by lots of pastel tones (especially pink), sequins, and cute animals on clothes and accessories. And that’s at ANY age. Women wear this kind of stuff at 30, 40, 50, and so on.

Health Maintenance

  • Eating and sleeping is very important!
    The daily schedule is sacred. The Chinese wake up early, go to bed early, and take a mandatory nap after lunch. Almost all Chinese have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. Even when arranging a meeting, they don’t say the exact time. Instead, they say “after lunch.“ (early to bed early to rise and afternoon nap? I must be a pseudo Chinese girl)
  • Brown sugar eventually appears!
    Every Chinese woman knows which food is ”good for women” in any given season. Such food is usually one that makes you beautiful and fertile: ginger, black sesame. They also prefer black unrefined sugar (yes, black, not brown). They’re averse to chocolate and sweets in general. Chinese women prefer spicy or salty snacks and eat lots of vegetables and herbs, which is also beneficial for their figure. (what? No chocolate? Then I must be a pseudo Chinese girl +1)
  • Drink as much warm water as you can!
    The second biggest enemy of Chinese women after the ultraviolet sunlight is cold. They only drink hot water, and some of them don’t eat ice cream…ever. The fear of letting cold inside makes many ladies not take a shower for a month after giving birth, bathing instead in ginger-infused water.
  • Confinement in childbirth
    The mother of a newborn baby stays in bed for a month after giving birth. She never goes out, and she is wrapped in the warmest clothes. The baby is taken care of either by her mother, her husband’s female relatives, or by a special person. The woman is thought to lose tremendous amounts of energy during labor, and she can only recover (and even cure ailments she’d had before giving birth) if she takes a month’s rest.

Certainly, finally, there is the powerful assist: selfie! Of high-tech!

They love taking selfies and posting their photos on Chinese social networks. Every Chinese smartphone has a built-in camera filter that automatically corrects all imperfections and makes the eyes bigger and darker. That’s one of the reasons, by the way, why Chinese girls are considered so pretty.

Chinese girls

Put aside whether the above is reasonable, there are really a lot of similar articles on the internet, in conclusion, it can be basically summarized as: diet, climate, aesthetic difference, etc.

However, Chinese and foreign netizen have different understanding of the article.

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

Anyway, whether the above views are penetrating judgment or nonsense, at least, the westerners have put a lot of work in studying we Chinese, well, I decide to add a chicken leg for my lunch and play my favorite Wii u to relax, Amiibo released by Nintendo is really interesting, it can connect with Wii u and 3ds wirelessly, by the way, if some manufactures are looking for ntag215 nfc tag suitable for Wii u and 3ds, please don’t forget us, we are a Chinese professional RFID tag manufacturer, with a strict quality control system and have obtained CE authentication, enjoy a high reputation in this industry, which can guarantee to provide high quality products with competitive price for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article, i hope that it was helpful. Your attention and demand is our biggest power!

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