October 18, 2016

RFID protection???

RFID protection

Do we really need a RFID protection, against this question, we use our facebook and twitter, social media made a questionair, the following is some answer we choose it.

A: I just received an updated credit card and, for the first time, it has a chip. I have read a lot about RFID protection. The information spreads from “no problem” to “you must have a sleeve for your card.” I would appreciate opinions from well-traveled chip-card holders. Prices on these items range greatly. One I saw said made of aluminum foil. Is this any safer than wrapping the card in foil? I plan to just use my debit cards that don’t have chips mostly on my travel, but always take one credit card just in case and this new edition is it.

B: They make rfid blocking sleeve that you can just slide your credit cards in, they take up no space and are the size of a credit card. I love it it’s a good size, holds several cards, my passport, coins, dollars and it zips up for security I found it. The sleeves also work great if you don’t want a wallet. You’ll get lots of great opinions on here there are lots of products. I’ll be curious to see what other like and use for now, I am VERY pleased with my RFID protection wallet because I like that my passport is in there and protected too.

C: They make rfid sleeves so that they can sell rfid sleeves, and they make big money making “safer” things so that they can sell “safer” things.

D: We have had chip and pin in the UK for many years and have very few problems with them, and the banks stand behind them.

E: We have had contactless payment systems – often called rfid – for many years too, starting off with Oyster Cards which people who visit London have used and loved for years.

F: I have never heard of real life stories here of people stealing by rfid. I have 2 contactless cards in my wallet and probably have another soon. I love them. Never had a problem. One of them is an American Express.


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