October 10, 2016

Where To Buy RFID Tags ?


Where to buy RFID tags?

Chuangxinjia supplies RFID tags, cards and readers for the all over the world.

We supply RFID products and software for a variety of industries, and can custom-make a solution to meet your needs.

We provide RFID for access control, ticketing, concessions, point of sale and inventory management, concentrating on recreation and manufacturing industries.

We supply long-range and short-range RFID cards, readers, scanners, gates and turnstiles, along with ticketing & printing machines for issuing RFID cards. We will custom-make a solution to meet your needs.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device and there are several different standards available. We use the Mifare standard (ISO 14443) for short-distance, Vicinity standard (ISO 15693) for medium-distance and EPC Gen 2 standard (ISO 18000) for long-distance uses.

RFID cards and key fobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. We can supply you with small and large quantities of cards, key-fobs, and readers.

So, if any people ask you where to buy RFID tags or other RFID products, please find Chuangxinjia .

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