September 29, 2016

Where To Buy RFID Paper Label ?


RFID paper label is suitable for gluing into the publication and meets all required standars of use of RFID in the library. Smart labels attached to books are detected between the pedestals from 150mm above the floor, to almost 2 meter high. Identiv’s library products include solutions tailored to meet the specific rigorous requirements of an RFID-equipped library. These labels are available in various formats, including books, spines, CDs, ID cards, or metal asset tags, and are backed by a full set of customization features, such as logo printing, bar code printing, chip personalization, and more.

RFID Paper label are based on its core technology of a printed 13.56 Mhz silver ink antenna on paper and direct flip chip embedding process. A scalable and high volume capacity manufacturing chain combined with low cost materials offer librarians cost effective and reliable labels for books, CDs, DVDs and video tapes. ASK has already supplied specific labels and readers to more than 20 French, Italian and German libraries over the last 4 years and has therefore gained a valuable experience within this market segment.

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. is the major leading RFID manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years production and R&D experience. Mainly products: rfid card, rfid tag, rfid wristband, rfid blocking sleeve, rfid keyfob, etc. We worked with a group of professional card system engineers, running with advanced production equipment, and servicing by our cooperative sales team. We are aiming to provide our customers with quality products and good service. Since it established in 1999, Our clients are around the world. Our big clients include Sony, Samsung, OPPO, British Telecom, Coca Cola, etc.

The main element of RFID system is a special UHF RFID tag (with measuring 5-7mm x 100-140mm) which is glued to the chosen book collection. The labels are self-adhesive, they consist of an integrated circuit and antenna combined to form a transponder. Labels do not have their own power supply and they do not use electric power when inactive. Book return can take place at Borrowing Post by placing books on the active area of the reader and confirming return with the card of library employee who collects the books. We also offer self-service posts where a member can return books without the participation of library staff.

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