September 28, 2016

Where To Buy Jewellery RFID Tag ?


There is Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co. Ltd in China, which is a leading RFID manufacturer and found in1999. Jewellery RFID tag are designed for use in jewelry market communities such as jewelry warehouse and jewelry shops management. These jewellery RFID tag are compliant with ISO 15693 or ISO 14443A standards and it could be made into both HF and UHF frequencies.

The chips are sealed internally of the PVC segments, every jewellery RFID tag is represented a standalone or unique identity number to capture the full details of the product. This UHF Gen 2 RFID jewellery tag (RFID jewellery label) features a small size, light weight and compliant with ISO 18000-6C standard. This high performance RFID tag is specially designed for applications including jewellery tagging, inventory management and asset tracking. RFID Jewelry Tags are targeted for use in jewelry market communities such as jewelry shops and jewelry warehouse management.

With chips sealed inside the PVC housing, every jewellery RFID tag is assigned a unique identification number to capture the full details of the small RFID tags are an excellent way of enhancing the security of many inventoried products, especially jewelry items. At IC-TAG, we offer multiple designs and can customize the Jewelry Tag based on the requirements for the tag application. Our RFID jewellery management system can provide an easy and efficient stock taking and POS solution.

RFID tags can be read quickly in a fraction of a second than other traditional technologies and the embedded electronic information for each tag can be over-written repeatedly. The non line of sight reading and capability of multi tag reading enables RFID for fast and accurate stock taking & POS. It offers a real-time and cost-effective solution to manage and track the inventory of millions of pieces of jewellery among many other applications.

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