September 9, 2016

Where Are RFID Chips Used ?


Where are RFID chips used? You probably might interest fellow Swinburne fashionistas, is the use of the RFID technology in the fashion industry. Then again, what we generally know about the usage of the RFID technology in the fashion industry would be to check for inventories, price, and such. Gardeur; an international fashion label originated from Germany, which produce high quality men and ladies clothing line, adapts the RFID technology a few years back; 2003 to be exact.

This mean that the company’s return on the money it invested on the usage of the RFID technology for its business is shorter than the estimated time it had expected. Gardeur’s implantation of the RFID technology allows them to promise their customers of Never-Out-of-Stock (NOS) lines, and also attachment of anti-theft labels. To add on what I had mention about having the RFID tags on children when they enter Wal-Mart to avoid missing in the store. In that article (Wi-Fi-Based RFID Improves Elderly Care), the center could keep track of the visibility of each and every elderly people in the center by having a RFID tag on their body.

This RFID not only allow the management to trace the place, time and activities of the elderly people but also to know their current status of health. In my point of view, I think that this RFID technology on elderly should be implemented on most the elderly people who have those sicknesses like Alzheimer. I would like to add on some consequences which RFID would face.

RFID technology has become increasingly popular due to its broader usage and we can discuss RFID in various aspects. It has been said that in China, the government has put a lot of efforts to support RFID industries and RFID technology is also one of the national plans in China. It shows that China government believes that the development of RFID can help the economic growth in the country and so, China is willingly to invest in this technology with the objective that RFID can bring in lots of benefits for the country in the near future.

All in all, I believe that it is the government responsibility to eliminate some foreseeable threats in the process of implementing RFID technology in the country and certain experts’ opinion regarding the RFID technology should take into account as a point of reference in adopting RFID in China. And due to the rapid development of technology, I think in the future, the researchers and RFID experts company such as Verichip would be able to figure out a way to make human implantable RFID chips have no side effect and harmless to human body. CXJ RFID tags operate under different radio frequencies, depending on the application.

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