October 24, 2017

What are you will do for your Birthday / Anniversary staffs?!!!

Virgo, this is the constellation of September.

Birthday / Anniversary staffs

There is some difference with before in this party. We didn’t use the traditional model this time, but in the form of a tea party held, although the party way is changed. But the blessing and warm are never changed.

Birthday / Anniversary staffs

Birthday / Anniversary staffs


The Virgo in pursuit of the perfect. The place has been well-decorating by our workers, and prepared diverse small snacks, fruits, and so on.

Birthday / Anniversary staffs

Birthday / Anniversary staffs


Let’s start celebrate staff birthday and anniversary party!!!

The party start at 5PM. After all the birthday person sit down, the host also joins into the team. First announces the list of birthday person and anniversary person by host. And Ms.Wang will send a birthday gift to everyone for a bless from company.

Birthday / Anniversary staffs

Birthday / Anniversary staffs


The next is an important park of this party!

Play a game—foodie relay game, following is the rules of this game:

  1. There are 3 different snakes on the table, including spiced corned egg, ice cream, instant noodle.
  2. We chose 6 people are divided into two teams to match. Each team has 3 persons; each person eats one kind of snake; when this person finished eating, then, the next one can start.
  3. The winner will be finished all link within a short time.


In order to improve enjoyment of the game, let’s do a warm up match before the foodie relay game start. Play “A drinking-game” to choose the teammate leading by Ms.Wang. Now the team is completed after this game.

1 team: Ms.Wu, Ms.He, Mr.Cao;

2 teams: Ms.Long, Ms.Huang, Mr.Ma.


First is 1 team. Along with whistle from judgment, timer start. Because the first team doesn’t have experience, so almost from the start was defeated by the egg yolk~~~ Till to the ice cream step, it becomes smooth slowly. The key step is instant noodle. We don’t know why the last person eat very slow. But the judgment doesn’t wanna see him anymore, so he decided they are using time is 2 mints 30 second~~~


Next is 2 team. The first part also is egg, but they meet the problem as 1 team. After long~~ time, finally the second person start to eat the ice cream. After a few second, the third person also start eating instant noodle. We can see how fast is his speed, amazing!!!


The results are obvious, the 2 team win the victory~~~

Birthday / Anniversary staffs

Birthday / Anniversary staffs


The last of Party

At the last, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……..”. With a familiar and beautiful melody and all the blessing. We cut the birthday cake together, and eat together, the scene atmosphere push to a climax again.

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