August 19, 2016

What other factors affect RFID tracking technology ?

RFID tracking technology

RFID tracking technology is a very hot technology, have many benifit in our area and of course many factor could affect if.

Cell phone towers, fluorescent lights, large machinery, equipment running at a similar frequency to the tags, and other environmental factors can block or interfere with an RFID system.  To avoid these factors, it is important to make a note of any potential sources of interference, test the system, and then adjust it accordingly.

Can RFID tracking technology interfere with other technical devices?

No, the radio wave signals are too weak from RFID systems using passive tags, even for systems with active tags using individual power supply, the signals are transmitted at a standardized frequency to prevent causing or receiving interference. However, the RFID chips themselves can be disturbed by high-frequency radiation or magnetic fields. Studies have shown that a computer monitor close to the RFID reader/scanner significantly reduces the reliability of identification. Adverse effects can also occur in production workshops and factories with strong electrical currents and magnetic fields.

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