September 21, 2016

What Is The Value Of Hotel Key Card In RFID Hotel Locking System?


Nowadays, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are widely used for stock control and management. But with rising competition among hospitality industry various plush hotels and luxury resorts around the world are seeking ground-breaking ways to enhance their door locking and other security systems. The new electronic RFID Hotel locking systems are one of the highest changing constituents of hotel designs.

The use of newer technology such as RFID and smart card combined with the modernized aesthetic style of the new locksets is obviously starting to pique the interest of many designers. While there have been a number of design progressions to the conventional magnetic card swipe locks, the most spectacular change appears to be provided by the newer RFID hotel locking systems.

The newer technology offers tracking of both guests and hotel staff across the property and provides some imminent use of amenities accessed and the times that they are being used. The apprehension of tracking a guest’s movement is fairly contentious and it is true that the data can be used to understand guests’ behavior and where they use their time and money, there are also outfitted benefits to the submission that should be highlighted. These systems have the capability to conclude enrollment needs, the best time to service a room or execute decline or the performance of housekeepers.

More installations engage CXJ smart card technology which offers many of the exact recording characteristics as RFID through its capacity to store information on the real cards. While smart card technology provides some marvelous features, there are though issues related with the recording and storing of guest information which limit the overall capability of these types of systems. Most of the existing installations operate the technology for operational and directorial purposes associated with tracking staff members.

Electronic keys are loaded with an encoded security chip. While operators like these because they offer the guest the same appearance as traditional key, these keys tend to be very expensive and have in some cases established to be somewhat challenging as they are usually tied into other systems such as lighting and power management.

Many hotels are already starting to utilize RFID technology from supply tracking to baggage handling systems. With the requirement for these types of systems ever growing there is a brawny amount of stress being practical to manufacturers to bring the cost of the systems down. Once this starts to take effect you can be sure that these types of systems will become mainstream.

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