August 18, 2016

What Is RFID Wet Inlay


These NFC tags are read/writable so you can change the data as many times as you want. The NFC tag can be locked so that the data on the tag cannot be changed or left unlocked so the data can be changed again and again. NFC tags are typically printed stickers or plain stickers, but they can be also enclosed in NFC products such as keyfobs, wristbands, hang tags and many other items. Most of mobile phones have NFC application and make today’s life smarter and easier. We can use NFC function to payment, identify, date exchange, information share. Customer can rewrite URL, text, number into NFC sticker which embedded NFC chip inside.

SMARTRAC 3002182 White RFID Wet Inlay BullsEye NXP NTAG203 – 38 mm Circle – 25 Pack is made by GoToTags. This feature allows every tag to be read and identified as unique from the application perspective, without requiring users to encode inlays with different numbers. RFID wet inlay are based on the ISO 14443 A standard, and are also compatible with NFC Forum standards.

It is the smallest among our NFC inlays, diameter only 15mm, and for this reason extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications requiring small footprint without compromise on performance. Our new small NFC tag is already used in an important project for product authentication. Other possible target uses include brand protection, smart advertising, vouchers and any other NFC application requiring tiny-sized tags with best-in-class performance. LAB ID is presenting a new series of UHF Gen2 inlays equipped with the latest next generationImpinj Monza R6 tag chips.

Thanks to innovative features included in Monza R6 chips, such as AutoTune which adjusts automatically tag performance to best readability possible, and Integra technology that ensures accuracy of the data captured, the new inlays offer robust performance and improved read reliability for large tag populations. Most importantly, it has been optimised to get the most of the ICs currently available so as to offer a valid and flexible solutions to the ever-growing NFC market.

Smart posters, peer to peer communication, customer fidelity programs, e-ticketing and virtual shopping are merely some examples of NFC applications, which considering the current mobile and contactless infrastructure are bound to increase. In fact, it is estimated that the NFC market will grow exponentially over the next few years. It is compatible with a variety of ICs, with different memory size, and has already become one of the top selection for numerous NFC applications.

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