August 30, 2018

The most popular wallet of the year, how to guarantee personal information?

best rfid blocking wallet

To the thief with high intelligence , “stolen money across the empty” just is the embodiment of high intelligence. Use the card reader to approach your wallet, then record your personal information, after copying a bank card with your personal information, a burglary is done.

RFID/NFC facilitates people’s life to a certain extent, but if do not take some measure to protect the information, RFID/NFC will also become a hidden danger of information security.

A thief armed with a mobile terminal scans the backpacks and pockets of lightly guarded passengers in an attempt to move money from their contactless credit cards. Although the thief was caught, the passengers were more eager to have a wallet that would stop them from being scanned. So what is rfid wallet?

what is rfid wallet?

RFID blocking wallet, now bank cards are more rfid cards, through the device can be read and cracked. In order to prevent reading the information of the card in the wallet, RFID blocking wallet was made. And rfid wallet in amazon sales good.

Put your bank card inside, and then use the RFID/NFC card reader to read. The card reader can’t read any information at all.The most important part is the coating, which can insulate the RFID/NFC signal and make the card reader unable to read the information in the card through the RFID/NFC technology.

rfid skimming, which looks like an ordinary, can completely isolate the RFID/NFC penetration. Any RFID/NFC card reader cannot read the internal card information to further consolidate user security.

Simply speaking, an item wrapped around the outside of the wallet is made of metal, which blocks rfid signals and prevents reading of card information in the wallet.

Protect your belongings, not only to ensure that the wallet does not lose, but also to ensure the bank card information security. To customize rfid blocking wallet, find CXJ card factory the experienced rfid blocking wallet maker and contact for more information about blocking wallet.


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