August 18, 2016

What is RFID tag and reader collision?

RFID tag and reader

What is RFID tag and reader collision? Here i will through two step intruduce their difference. RFID tag and reader collision have difference work areas.

What is RFID tag collision?

RFID tag collision is a situation where multiple tags reflect signals back to the reader in the exact same time frame, causing data confusion and incorrect identification. Although there are different systems designed to tackle this problem, the most common system is to have the tags delay their response to the reader by a set time frame (milliseconds) so that the data can be read one at a time. Since the delay is very small, it will appear as though all tags are being read simultaneously.

What is reader collision?

One problem encountered with RFID is the signal from one reader can interfere with the signal from another where coverage overlaps. This is called reader collision. One way to avoid the problem is to use a technique called time division multiple access, or TDMA. In simple terms, the readers are instructed to read at different times, rather than both trying to read at the same time. This ensures that they don’t interfere with each other. But it means any RFID tag in an area where two readers overlap will be read twice. So the system has to be set up so that if one reader reads a tag another reader does not read it again.

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