December 9, 2015

What is RFID reader?

RFID tags are electronic product code (EPC) of the physical carrier, attached to the trace ability of goods, and the global circulation can be identified and read.

nfc rfid card reader
RFID reader  for wireless communication via the antenna and the RFID tags can be read from or write to the RFID tag identification code and data memory. Automatic target recognition and access to relevant RFID signal data, without human intervention, can identify fast moving objects and can also identify multiple RFID tags, quickly and conveniently. A typical RFID reader includes RFID RF module (transmitter and receiver), a control unit and reader antenna. RFID system, RFID tag, also known as radio frequency tags, transponder, data carrier; reader, also known as reading means, a scanner, communication devices, the reader (depending on whether the electronic tag data can be rewritten wireless). Transfer between RFID tags and RFID readers spatial (non-contact) coupled RF signal through the coupling element in the coupling channel, according to the timing relations and realize the exchange of data.
RFID tags similar to bar code scanning, the bar code technology, it is encoded in the bar code attached to the object and using a dedicated reader scans the information using light signals transmitted by the magnetic stripe reader to scan; and RFID tags use a dedicated RFID reader and a dedicated RFID tag can be attached to the target, the use of the frequency signal to be transmitted by the RFID tag information to the RFID reader.
RFID readers can be divided into mobile and fixed, the current RFID tag technology is very broad, such as: libraries, access control systems, food safety trace ability and so on.

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