September 8, 2016

What Is Printable 125khz RFID Card For Access Control ?


Printable 125khz RFID Card For Access Control is very common in our lives. This frequency band of LF RFID Cards provides a short read range of 10 cm, but it is not very sensitive to radio wave interference. New USB RFID Reader Writer duplicate 125Khz EM4305 T5567 Card Tag / Read EM4100 Card. Support 125Khz EM4100 / EM410X or compatible card /tag format only (HID standard NOT compatible! This reader reads EM4100 Compatible 125 khz RFID cards , key chains , and wrist braclets and many other 125khz tags.

Handheld 125Khz RFID ID EM4100 /4102, TK4100/4102 Card Reader Copier Writer Duplicator + 5 Cards 5 Keyfobs. The market for these cards is growing rapidly because of the obvious benefits of ease of use, speed and versatility. Referring to operating frequency, the essential parameter, Small RFID Readers are working at 125KHz or 13.56MHz. As a RFID manufacture with years of development experiences, Chuangxinjia will go on researching more advanced technology. Make sure provides quality RFID products rich experiences and professional team.

To be specific, while they are connecting to devices with certain system above, Small RFID Readers can identify the cards and tags within its reading range quickly and accurately, and capacitates the data they carrying to show on the screen. Contrary to small volume, RFID 125KHz Reader shows an outstanding performance in practical application.

Above of all, there are two kinds of standard frequency available to RFID 125KHz Reader, including 125KHz and 13.56MHz. Moreover, RFID 125KHz Reader performs outstandingly in dealing with harsh environment that it is able to sustain the temperature from -30 to +40 Degrees Celsius and keep functioning normally. Due to stable performance and strong function, RFID 125KHz Reader is popular with all walks of life.

In addition, when it is employed to entertainment venues, RFID 125KHz Reader enables users to differentiate member and non-member accurately to gain efficient access control. Furthermore, as a kind of NFC RFID reader, RFID 125KHz Reader also plays an important role in smart card system. Briefly, RFID 125KHz Reader is an efficient assistant with portable character and great features for sing-in system.

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