August 15, 2016

What Is NFC Tech?

Product name:MIFARE® DESFire® Ev1 8k cards,NFC 8K Cards, Chip specifications:Chip Type:MIFARE® DESFire® Ev1 8K. Package:5pcs MIFARE® DESFire® Ev1 8K blank NFC 8K cards forum type 4 cards. If you can also write your NFC chip from your windows PC with the help of GoTo tags However you will need an extra NFC reader to read NFC tags to your PC. You can also create your own NFC android application (even published it Play store) using Tasker. This tutorial was a brief example of How to Program a NFC Tags, Obviously you can do much with your NFC Tags depending on your creativity.

After finishing this article you will have the clear idea on how NFC tech works, what technology does it use and What happens when you bring your device near NFC tag. NFC works on phenomenon of inductive coupling by induce small amount of current to another NFC device. For example if you bring two NFC supported device together than they will both act as active devices. And since they have their own power source they respond to the other NFC device with their electromagnetic energy. NFC is short for near field communication while RFID stands for radio frequency identification.

For example NFC tags, they don’t have battery or any other power source built into it. This is what happens when you bring NFC device closer to passive NFC tags. Basically NFC is just an extension to RFID technology or from the diagram I can say that NFC is the subset of RFID. NFC tags are special type of passive RFID tags which use specific data format known as NDEF (NFC Data Ex‐ change Format). This doesn’t happen in NFC tags as you have to literally touch them to get it work. Most modern EMV-based credit cards use this type of mechanism to prevent cloning.

However, I’m not sure if android uses its own protocol on top of the LLCP protocol (NFC logical link protocol), which would then prevent most readers from treating the phone as an nfc tag. Basically, an NFC tag is only a physical support, just as a DVD is. It is easy to imagine how it can be protected against malicious alteration or prevented from being read (i.e. understood) by an unauthorized third party. NFC tags are passive devices that can be used to communicate with active NFC devices (an active NFC reader/writer).

With the vast numbers of tags being foreseen for the future, the definitions for the tags must be clear so that NFC tags from any manufacturer can be used with other equipment from any manufacturer. The NFC tags can be used within applications such as posters, and other areas where small amounts of data can be stored and transferred to active NFC devices. Within the poster the live area can be used as a touch point for the active NFC device. The stored data on the NFC tag may contain any form of data, but common applications are for storing URLs from where the NFC device may find further information. This included the NFC data exchange format, NDEF, and three record type definitions, RTD.

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