September 7, 2016

What is near field communication?

What is near field communication

What is near field communication? Near field communication, abbreviated NFC, is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets. Contactless communication allows a user to wave the smartphone over a NFC compatible device to send information without needing to touch the devices together or go through multiple steps setting up a connection. Fast and convenient, NFC technology is popular in parts of Europe and Asia, and is quickly spreading throughout the United States.

Near field communication maintains interoperability between different wireless communication methods like Bluetooth and other NFC standards including FeliCa — popular in Japan — through the NFC Forum. Founded in 2004 by Sony, Nokia, and Philips, the forum enforces strict standards that manufacturers must meet when designing NFC compatible devices. This ensures that NFC is secure and remains easy-to-use with different versions of the technology. Compatibility is the key to the growth of NFC as a popular payment and data communication method. It must be able to communicate with other wireless technologies and be able to interact with different types of NFC transmissions.

What is near field communication? NFC(near field communication) stands for Near-Field Communication and allows phones, tablets, and laptops to share data with other NFC-equipped devices. The technology evolved from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tech. RFID is behind those security scan cards that get you into the office everyday or bypass that tollbooth on your morning commute.

NFC is very much like RFID, but NFC is limited to communication within four inches. Most people consider NFC’s small radius a major security benefit and it’s one of the reasons that NFC is taking off as a secure alternative to credit cards. But the technology can be used for more than making purchases at Bloomingdales. NFC can transfer data like videos, contact information, and photos between two NFC enabled devices.

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