September 6, 2016

What Is Dual Frequency Key Ring Card (13.56MHz&125KHz)


Dual frequency key ring card can be packaged chips:125KHz+13.56MHz(TK4100+ 1 S50),(TK4100+ 1 S70),(TK4100+I-CODE2),(TK4100+Ultralight),etc.

These are typically attached to each interface separately, such as a MIFARE chip and antenna with a contact 7816 chip in the same card. Or one company has built a card that generates a one-time password and displays the data for use with an online banking application. SD and Micro SD cards can now be deployed with the strength of smart card chips. USB flash drive tokens are also available that leverage the same technology of a card in a different form factor. The two primary types of smart card operating systems are (1) fixed file structure and (2) dynamic application system. The tools and middle ware that support card operating systems are as important as the chip itself.

As with all smart card types, the selection of a card operating system depends on the application that the card is intended for. This can often result in a card manufacturer not future-proofing their design by having their card operating systems only ported to a specific device. Care should be taken in choosing the card vendor that can support your project over time as card operating system-only vendors come in and out of the market. These specific parameters are ideal and economical for a fixed type of card structure and functions that will not change in the near future. Many secure stored value and healthcare applications are utilizing this type of Key Ring Card.

An example of Key Ring Card is a low-cost employee multi-function badge or credential. This type of operating system, which includes the JavaCard® and proprietary MULTOS card varieties, enables developers to build, test, and deploy different on card applications securely. Because the card operating systems and applications are more separate, updates can be made. An example card is a SIM card for mobile GSM where updates and security are downloaded to the phone and dynamically changed. This is a variable that should be scrutinized carefully in the card system design phase. A dual frequency rfid cards have long been anticipated by the marketplace to unleash the full power of RFID.

This type of Key Ring Card deployment assumes that the applications in the field will change in a very short time frame, thus necessitating the need for dynamic expansion of the card as a computing platform. By providing the equipment that expand the RFID value chain to include the ability for brand manufacturer to immediately connect to the end customer is a milestone event for the whole business.

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