July 8, 2020

What frequency is my RFID card?

Smart RFID Card

Do you know what’s the frequency is your smart card when you hold a RFID card in your hand?
Do you know how to check it frequency by your smartphone?

Follow me to find your answer!

As we know passive RFID have three frequency:

  • LF: 125 KHz~135KHz
  • HF: 13.56MHz
  • UHF: 860MHz~960MHz

How to distinguish the card frequency, if you have compatible reader, then can read the card chip. But without reader, there also some tips for distinguish the card frequency.

First Step: Use flashlight to shine the card, and watch the card RFID antenna.

  • LF only can make copper antenna. Most of LF card antenna make round shape, although LF antenna can make square shape too. And LF antenna circle thickness is thicker than HF.

RFID LF card prelam sheet

  • HF card can make both copper antenna and aluminum antenna, and copper antenna cycle thickness is thinner than LF. Copper antenna can see a about 3*5mm black dot for RFID chip. Aluminum antenna RFID chip is a very small black dot.

RFID HF card prelam sheet

What is more, HF aluminum antenna are all closed loop type, unlike UHF.

RFID HF copper antenna card


RFID HF aluminum antenna card

  • UHF only can make aluminum antenna, and their antenna shape is different with HF one, their antenna is not closed loop.

RFID UHF aluminum antenna card

Second Step: After first step, still can’t tell LF or HF, can try to use NFC mobile phone, turn on the NFC function, and read the card.

If the card can be read by NFC mobile, then it is HF RFID card. NFC belong HF, NFC mobile can read most widely used HF chip.

But if card can’t be read by NFC mobile, not mean it belong LF, it still possibly to be HF that not belong NFC.

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