August 16, 2016

What are the interest for RFID applications fields?

interest for RFID

Here are the interest for some RFID applications fields. We could know it.


Animal movement tracking is probably one of the first RFID applications being used. Nowadays, even more sophisticated farm management systems have been created that provide extra features such as ensuring correct type and amount feed to each animal, and animal health monitoring that keeps track of condition such as pregnancy.


Instead of having implants under the skin or a separated handheld device, RFID tags can be inserted into clothing to help communicate user preference and shareable information to service providers’ readers at various locations such as bus-stop, café, library, etc. for better quality of services.


Edible tags can be sealed on food to provide even more detailed micro management in nutrition values and tracking through human body digestion and absorption with feedback to monitoring app, this can be beneficial to both healthcare providers and patients, or personal use as general health interest.


Similar to how RFID technology was first created and applied during second world war to recognize friendly or enemy aircraft unit, more advanced system nowadays can even provide more information such as their functionalities and types of weapon. Furthermore, RFID system can also enhance logistic and supply chain management in the field.


There are applications of RFID implemented in transportation, such as in vehicles for easier payment on parking meter and highway crossing, and RFID tag payment card for mass transportation. On the other hand, people that are visually impaired can also benefit from RFID system that gives sound warnings when encountering obstacles or dangerous areas.


RFID applications are used extensively in the retail industry. They provide quick and accurate solution for inventory management such as yearly stock-take or daily cycle-count. They also enable users to do item search and goods-in recording more time-saving. In addition, at the point of sale, checking out all the items at once using RFID reading is also more efficient than scanning each item one by one.


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