August 19, 2016

What are the different ways to mount an RFID Tag?

an RFID Tag

An RFID Tag can be attached on a wide range of surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric. The mounting surface also affect on the read range, performance and cost of a tag.

The on-metal tags are especially designed to provide high performance on metal surfaces, and they are typical more expensive than other RFID tags. Water and other liquids also impact on the read range when they exist in close proximity of readers and tags. Whenever, you select a tag always ensure that that tag tested and certified for proper functioning for corresponding application.

Some tags functions effectively with adhesive materials while others with mechanical fasteners or with welding. Generally, metal tags are suitable with bolts and screws and boxes accommodates with normal adhesive materials. The attachment method is often described in the tag’s data sheet.

Adhesives – Many tags are designed to be used with commonly available adhesives. There are numerous types of adhesives available to bind virtually any materials and fix safely under a wide range of climate conditions.

Screws and rivets – Many tags include pre-drilled holes to facilitate screws and rivets.

Welding – Some tags are designed to be welded to metal drums, vessels, tools or machines.

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